Campus Ministry USA Pastors and leaders equipped with boldness to flourish luxuriantly.

Campus Ministry USA Pastors and leaders equipped with boldness to flourish luxuriantly.

Leaders from 16 campuses converged from Texas, California, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida at the picturesque Lanier Islands in Atlanta, flying up to 5 hours and driving over 13 hours to be transformed and imparted through the Word and the Spirit.

Pastor Amaechi ministering to the Pastors and leaders in a session by the lake.

The Zonal Director, BLW Zone H, Pastor Amaechi Udeaku, representing the Campus Ministry Director, Pastor Freedom Wealth-Eriya, came in the fulness of the Spirit to exhort the brethren on grace. “Grace cannot be exhausted. God says ‘use me’ – He wants you to take advantage of Him,” Pastor Amaechi taught in the first session. He urged the delegates to take advantage of God’s grace in their assignments as agents of light on their campuses. He granted insight into a special key to the flow of the anointing — boldness — causing the auditorium to erupt in shouts of “I’ve got the key!”

Unforgettable impartations of grace for luxuriant growth.

At each session, there was such a mighty move of the Spirit; the atmosphere was saturated and charged as the delegates prayed fervently and the Campus Ministry Choir led them in worship, preparing for each destiny-defining encounter. In that atmosphere, divine insight was received as countless prophecies came forth with specific instructions for luxuriant growth on the campuses. “From this day you will begin to live in the supernatural…I have begun a new thing in your life” are but a few of the words released by the Spirit.

Inspiring prophecies being released by Pastor Amaechi during the final session.

Apart from the glorious sessions, the delegates engaged in team-building activities on the island, including early morning drills, canopy ziplining, battle-ball, mini-golf and more.

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The extraordinary fellowship with the Holy Spirit throughout the retreat has imprinted a powerful script in the hearts of delegates that will be manifested in luxuriant growth, significant attainments and persistent productivity.

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