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MCC4C SOUTH AFRICA  was indeed a date with destiny!!!!

Thousands of attendees from tertiary institutions around the Gauteng province thronged the Nasrec Center in Johannesburg with deep yearnings in their hearts knowing that it'll indeed be for them A DATE WITH DESTINY!!!

There was a supernatural move of the Holyghost as the teeming crowd gathered for what unsurprisingly turned to be a euphoric time in God's presence.

With soul-stirring music, rapturous worship; the atmosphere was super-charged leaving the young people shouting for joy as the Spirit was poured out lavishly on them, young people indeed love the Lord!

The Highly Esteemed Campus Ministry Director, ministered God's word to the attendees, exhorting that they quit living the normal human life which is subject to defeat, and take up the life of God which has been available in Christ Jesus! He went on to give a call for salvation which had hundreds of young people running without restraining, to receive Christ in their hearts. Many were also healed from various ailments and diseases! 

The crusade had over 6,000 attendees onsite, and over 5,000 connected online, from around the other provinces in South Africa. 

It was indeed revolutionary! 

Glory to God!

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