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The ACE train arrived University of Lagos for an amazing time of training for Academic & Career Excellence! Facilitating the first Session was Prof. S.J Timothy-Asobele, a Professor of French Language, Literacy Criticism and Comparative Literature, University of Lagos, Nigeria; an author of over 100 books, most of which have been translated in French & Yoruba Languages, and are being distributed across Africa. Taking the excited and hungry students on ”High Performance in Academics (Nuggets for Academic Excellence), he defined Academic Excellence as a matter of discipline, dedication, determination, consistence and focus. ’Everybody is born to succeed and make a landmark in the society. To excel means to perform distinguishingly well, to be above board and become a master of a particular discipline or area of knowledge’. There’s a large gap difference between ability and competence/capacity - Career guidance. Listen to someone who has made it in Academic Excellence! 4D’s to take note of in Academic Excellence; 👉 Determination 👉 Discipline 👉 Devotion 👉 Diligence