Youth Conference@ the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria

Youth Conference@ the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria

With a whopping online participation of 601,170 people from 85 countries of the world. The surge at the gates was such a regaling and overwhelming sight.

Young people love the Lord! And these are the days of harvest!

It was a scintillating time of worship, praise, heavenly music, inspiring talk shows on nation-building and a riveting time with the Word, as the University of Benin rocked to the YOUTH CONFERENCE BENIN on the 1st of March, 2018.

The insightful teaching by the Director of Campus Ministry, Highly Esteemed Pastor Chike Ume stirred the hearts of the congregants as he expounded on ‘’5 important points to note for success in life;

- The Power of Purpose

- Understand the Brevity of Time

- Discipline

- The Power of Choice; and

- The Fact Of Eternity.

Reading from John 10:10, he gave insight on our purpose here on earth. You were born for a reason. Society may have made you feel like you are nobody, but you are somebody, you’re not here to balance the ecosystem. Time is for the pursuit of purpose. Discipline your mind in the direction of your purpose in life. Your time on earth is a preparation for eternity. Live your life for Jesus. Join God’s army of kingdom activists today.

Oh! How momentous it was when over 4,000 young people charged forward, running to receive salvation when the altar call was made. The presence and power of the Lord was strong in the arena as healing and diverse miracles were wrought in the mighty name of Jesus Christ… Hundreds of young people with diverse problems- asthma, eye conditions, bone conditions, heart problems and some who could not walk were healed at the mention of the name of Jesus. Thousands of copies of the special collection of messages for youth, preached by our man of God Pastor Chris in past national Youth Conferences – Inspiring Generation XYZ, were distributed. New converts received personal copies of the Rhapsody Bible, copies of the book ‘Now That You Are Born Again’ and the Rhapsody of realities.

It was indeed a life-changing and impactful meeting. One that has shaped and changed the destinies of the young people ready to change their world!