The Graduate Pastors Orientation Program (GPOP) with the Highly Esteemed CMD, was certainly a time of upgrade and inspiration for the attendees. 

BLW Campus Ministry Graduate Pastors and Coordinators converged in the city of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria from across all the 12 Zones within Nigeria, and were exposed to new knowledge to win in life!

A deep sense of worth and their importance to the ministry, with the need for constant personal development and upgrade were some of the discussions at the orientation. Other topics include;

  • Work Ethics and understanding ministry structures.
  • Personal development plus.
  • Our Calling as young ministers of the gospel.
  • Productivity; A sign of ministry mindedness.

The orientation program encouraged these graduates to learn new skills such as video editing, Programming, Social media marketing, & Graphics editing, and also to take up learning new languages.