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The Chapter Pastor's and Coordinator's online training which held in the third quarter of the year 2019 was definitely an amazing and enlightening time for all the Pastors, Coordinators & Leaders in attendance. 

With 311 young & vibrant chapter Pastors, assistant chapter pastors and coordinators, participating from several parts of the world including; Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, USA, United Kingdom, North Cyprus, Lithuania, etc, the training indeed caused a swift shift in the work done across the BLW Campus Ministry Chapters! 

The training was facilitated by the General Admin Manager and the Operations Manager, BLW Campus Ministry HQ Office. The training covered "Basic Administration for a Campus Pastor" & "Personal Development of a Campus Pastor". 

The Leadership Creation, Development & Deployment team of the BLW Campus Ministry is completely hinged on her vision of raising new leaders, and empowering existing leaders for excellence and all round success all across the BLW Campus Ministry. 

More to come... Stay glued!