BLW UK Zones A & B hosted the Highly Esteemed Campus Ministry Director for 3 days of intense impartations and distributions at the T.I.E Conference UK which held on the 23rd-25th of March, 2018!

It was 3 days of power packed ministrations and mind blowing thoughts shared to all present at the conference.

The Highly Esteemed Campus Ministry Director, who attended the event with the Zonal Director, BLW Zone F, Pastor Doyin-Dennis Oshideko was grandly welcomed at the airport by the Zonal Secretaries of BLW UK Zones A & B, Pastor Airen Ekhosuehi & Pastor Peter Lighthouse, as well as some pastors and leaders from both zones. It was indeed a pleasurable welcome.

The Highly Esteemed Campus Ministry Director communicated with an infectious passion and made distributions of the Spirit in scintillating and riveting sessions.

 He shared with the 183 leaders present on several topics including "Running with The Vision" where he explained from the scriptures that we are not in the Ministry by chance; we are here to fulfill purpose; as a provision for the vision God gave to our Man of God Pastor Chris”.

 He also exhorted the leaders on The importance of the campus ministry work; charging them on our pioneering work around Europe; “It’s time for some spiritual adventures & discoveries “, he said.

The Esteemed Pastor Doyin-Dennis Oshideko, Zonal Director of BLW Zone F also shared on “Convictions; why we do what we do”. He spoke of his love for the Lord and how it drives him to do more for the King. He expounded on Our Statements of Commitment; Kindling a new fire for soul winning in the hearts of the young leaders. 

 “All the pieces had come together. We knew now for sure that God had called us to preach the good news to the Europeans” Acts 16:10 MSG.

 With this scripture, the Highly Esteemed CMD kicked off the final session of the TIE Conference UK on Sunday morning.

The Certainty of Victory dawned upon all the leaders present as he charged & taught the young leaders to;

 - Catch the Vision, Localize/personalize it, Run with it, Enlist others 

“Make the kind of impact that lingers. We must make His name, power, message & person known not only to this generation but to others to come. This must be our passion”. “We are God’s Special Agents! Ephesians 1:1 MSG. Special Agents are sent on Special Missions. We are on a special mission! Be mindful of the assignment”.

 Heaven's Special agents were then sent forth with a mighty impartation of the Spirit. Their mission is clear!

 Mission It-is-possible

 Indeed, a new dispensation has begun in the United Kingdom and all of Europe. 

Watch out world!! We’re taking over! The new breed is here!