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In the first half of the year 2020, a team from the BLW USA International Group was sent to the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica for further expansion and penetration of the BLW Campus Ministry in the Island nation having previously pioneered and established two fellowship Chapters there.

Berthing at the tourist city of Montego Bay with sights set on the University of the Commonwealth, Montego Bay Campus, they got into action.

Preceding the trip was an online conference with youths from Montego Bay, leading many to Christ and inspiring others to serve the Lord. The trip to Jamaica provided an opportunity to consolidate the impact of the online conference. Equipped with the number one daily devotional in the world, they engaged the young people and shared the gospel with gusto leading several young people to Christ along the beachside strip of Montego Bay, beginning with their tour guide.

Several students attended ‘Young and Free’, a special outreach event organized to impact the University students with the BLW message. Many gave their hearts to Christ, and everyone present testified of the impact of the ministration. A member of the student government at the University of the West Indies attested to hearing the Gospel according to Pastor Chris for the first time and being touched by its sublimity. Today, there are now 4 BLW Campus Fellowship Chapters in Jamaica communicating the divine presence to the students in higher institutions of learning.

Ya’ man! Glory to God!

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