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Look around you! Vast fields of human souls are ripening all around us, and are ready now for reaping.

These are the days of the Holy ghost! The young people love the LORD!!

The MCC4C is a massive evangelical movement across premier tertiary institutions of the world with teeming crowds of young people around the nations of the world.

Jesus is trending!!!

Tech & Entrepreneurship Academy

The Tech and Entrepreneurship Academy is dedicated to empowering the Agricultural entrepreneurial community and building networks that drive collaboration and strengthen entrepreneurs in Africa.

It is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, leadership development, building thriving communities, and achieving sustainable economic growth. It also offers a platform that provides action-based learning programs, resources, and networks for entrepreneurs and leaders in technology, business, and Agriculture.


BLW Leadership Academy

The BLW Leadership Academy Is a special leadership development program for the grooming of highly motivated leaders for ministry and in the world.

Since 2012, the Leadership Academy has produced outstanding leaders for Ministry and Life: leaders who are fully sold-out to building the church of Jesus Christ, and who are by extension, Nation Builders. With its Alumni and student-network making impact globally, the BLW Leadership Academy is a distinguished institution churning out leagues of extraordinary men and women.

T.I.E Conferences

The TIE Conferences are designed to inculcate, educate and inform our Campus leaders about our ministry, our vision, our structures, our motivation, and our convictions with the aim of making them more committed with an excellent understanding of ministry hence improving the quality & readiness of our future core workforce. 

The TIE Conferences typically stir up passionate involvement in pioneering, which results in improved output towards the fulfillment of our vision in the regions where they are organized.

The TIE Conferences also educates the campus leaders on our message, the environment, and the government to prepare them for the world of their time and the future that they face.


Les Advocats

Les Avocats is a special outreach fellowship of Christian law students in our BLW Chapters; a forum for vocational fellowship, peer interaction and grooming of a new generation of legal activists who will use their chosen career/discipline as a vehicle for the advancement of the gospel; ensuring that the world’s legal frameworks never limit the gospel.
It is also a forum where legal mentoring happens as young and upcoming Christian lawyers are mentored by more experienced lawyers to be the voice of change for many Christians around the world.

Loveworld Youth Resource Centre

The Loveworld Youth Resource Centers are one stop youth solutions centers; providing education, recreation, mentoring, learning, skill acquisition, training and empowerment for young undergraduates, graduates and at-risk-youths in our communities.

If we build physical structures without building people structures, the people would eventually destroy the physical structures. The Loveworld Youth Resource Center offers services and programs that seek to address the youth challenges, whilst developing their leadership abilities to achieve extraordinary social impact; and also equips young people and at-risk youths with specialized skills and know-how, cutting across all sectors of life, with knowledge about their environment, government, entrepreneurial skills, etc., causing them to become change agents in communities where they find themselves.

Youth Conferences

Our Youth Conferences are special youth gatherings where young people are inspired to aspire, inspired to dream and reach out for their dreams, and empowered to hope and be change agents and active contributors in nation building.

They are conferences where they are imbued with a sense of patriotism for their nations; a forum where they are taught that they are not victims but champions, the deciders and molders of their destiny.

Success Motivation

Success Motivation Conferences are special outreach and motivational meetings designed to win people to Christ in university and college campuses around the world whilst inspiring them to successful and impactful living with the timeless success principles of the Word.

As our Master Coach taught us- "Success is impacting your world with the investment of your personality"! Success is also "inspiring others to aspire to your inspiration", and "making your world better than you met it"!

These are what the Success Motivation Conferences are about; imbuing the young people with the inspiration, knowledge, and capacity to change their world.

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