Gear Shift 3.0 - Splendiferous
Gear Shift 3.0 - Splendiferous
March 03, 2021
Gear Shift 3.0 - the third in the unique series of refresher, motivational & developmental Leaders Conference for Campus Pastors and Leaders, held from the 6th - 8th of August, 2020, online, and in some onsite locations.
Geared towards stirring the passion and zeal in the hearts of the leaders for greater reach and impact in their catchment and the world, it was aptly themed - fueling your passion.
The 3 days online Conference had more than 9,000 Campus Leaders of various categories - Pastors, Coordinators, Fellowship Secretaries, PCF Leaders, Cell Leaders, activity department leaders from all the Campus Ministry Zones and International Groups, spread across all 6 continents of the world, participating online and also congregating onsite in parts of the world where restrictions on gathering had been lifted and Campuses reopened.
Excited and expectant Pastors and Leaders of BLW Fellowships from Nigeria, to Botswana, to Germany, to India, Australia, Kenya, North Cyprus, Namibia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ghana, the United States of America and many more, were in attendance all 3 Days of the Conference.
The Conference kicked off on a very high note, with a colourful display of artistry characterizing the scintillating and very creative opening event, and in an unforgettable climax of the Opening Event, the highly esteemed CMD formally declared the Conference open.
Each daily session took off with beautiful melodious Worship and Praise Segments, setting the tone of each session to realms of heavenly ecstasy.
Special Ministrations and Presentations by leaders from different Campus Zones featured live, taking the leaders to higher realms.
Beautiful panel discussions, on ‘How I reach my Campus’ hosted from BLW USA Group 3 and BLW Zone C, gave very profound incisive viewpoints and strategies employed in winning and dominating their Campus.
Other features of the amazing conference include enlightening INSIGHTS sessions with some esteemed senior Zonal Secretaries - Pastor Mike Bazuaye, Pastor Henry Akasili, and Pastor Derick Izekor, which provided provocative and insightful thoughts for action. There was also the screening of a short film produced by the BLW Campus Ministry, titled, ‘NONE LEFT’, which emphasized the need to NEVER GIVE UP on any soul. A stirring film it was indeed, stirring the hearts of the leaders for passionate evangelism.
The highpoint of each day was the very inspiring, exhilarating and electrifying teaching sessions with highly esteemed Senior Ministers in our Ministry - the Highly Esteemed Rev. Ray Okocha- a Member of the Central Executive Council, the Highly Esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan- Zonal Director, Christ Embassy Portharcourt Zone 3, the Highly Esteemed Pastor Amaechi Udeaku- Zonal Director, Christ Embassy, Portharcourt Zone 1, who stirred the passion of the leaders for Ministry and to impact their world in bold new ways.
The conference came to its crescendo with the stirring final session with the Esteemed CMD- Pastor Chike Ume. The word of God came with simplicity and great power, faith rising in the hearts of the leaders, with pictures and visions of exploits to do crystalizing in their minds.
Truly, the Gear Shift 3.0 was indeed extraordinarily inspiring! These are the Days of the Holy Ghost!
Glory to God!!!!
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