Jingle spells

Jingle spells

Jingle all the way

Chill guys I know my Christmas Songs very well; at least, I am a professional pianist, so I know my onions.

It's a season of smiles, a season where love wears it's ROYAL colours besides VALENTINE. 11 months we wait, in anticipation of that love feast that has SANTA as it's mascot.

Now here is the tickle, most wait... some others just don't even know when it comes and are therefore ill-prepared for the season.

ill-prepared? for Christmas? really?

YEP!!! YEP!!! YEP!!!

There is a certain mood this festive period brings, we all know that it is a season of joy, laughter and all things lovely. A time when we try to spend some level of quality time with family and friends, even our employers offer to let us off work for a few days if possible and dish out some Christmas bonuses that usually come in form of an augmented paycheck, different from the normal.
This tells us that there is some sort of giving associated with this season.

Now I am sure that you are reading this and nodding your head in affirmation, that's very okay, but is it enough?


case study 1 - INFECTIOUS JOY

Joe gets to work and sees the whole office all decorated as though SANTAwas coming over for brunch.
I can assure you of some things that would be noticed that day at work:

  • There would be this strong atmosphere of Joy
  • Everyone would be wearing a smile
  • The rate of arguments and fights among colleagues will be on the down-low
  • No one will get fired that day
  • Every joke that day will be hilariously funny

case study 2 - A REASON TO TALK

Have you ever noticed that no one really stays dumb to a MERRY CHRISTMAS greeting. It always meets a soft nod and a smile, and If you meet the really ecstatic ones, they'll take it upon themselves to let you know that it is a Merry Christmas indeed.

If you should run into someone at the mall and wanted to compliment his/her outfit, you could always start with a MERRY CHRISTMASto which to person would heartily reply, opening up himself/herself to receive that compliment you initially wanted to dole out but was still being coy about it.

Maybe it's a neighbor that hasn't been in good terms with you, trust me when I say that a "MERRY CHRISTMAS", will break him.

case study 3 - THE BLOODY WARDROBE

We all can agree that, for those of us who are fashion conscious, our wardrobe begins to play partial with the colors. Special attention is given to RED, WHITE, GOLD, GREEN.

case study 4- CHRISTMAS EVENTS

This one cannot be missed. These events:

  • parties
  • seminars
  • shows
  • stage plays
  • carol concerts
  • street parades
  • movies
    are the things that make this season exciting

Everyone has a category for himself. Saying that none of these apply to you would be a way of you telling the world that you do not believe in the spiritof this festive period.

case study 4 - THE GOD FACTOR

We all; old or young, big or small, rich or poor, sick or healthy, have something to be thankful for this year. If you haven't found what yet, then it means that you haven't been paying attention. Look closely enough, this blessings of the Father aren't always material.

I for one am Thankful for:

choose to love this season, and watch how MERRY THIS CHRISTMAS WOULD BE.


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