In my last article, I believe that I have been able to establish the fact that success in any endeavor is fundamentally dependent on pre-defined expectations. I deem if fit to also let you know how to manage expectations in your life.

There are 3 main categories of expectations a man is faced with throughout his lifetime on earth.

  • Personal expectations

These are self-inspired expectations in terms of specificity. It is the totality of all your personal desires you believe you can bring to pass. It ranges from simple things like the expectation to have a new brown shoe, a trending new gadget, to have pizza for launch, to arrive 2hours earlier than expected at your workplace to more serious expectations like owning a house, obtaining a degree, running a business, raising a family. The list is endless but the point is that these are specific expectations you have of yourself without any oppressive feeling of external pressures.


  • Societal Expectations

These are expectations the society have of you. This category of expectations is the one that you need to pay attention to and be very discreet about their existence in your life so as not to appear a failure in every relationship you find yourself. Societal expectations emanate from all our many relationships with every other person or specific groups of people we are connected to throughout our lifetime. Whether you know it or not, your immediate family have expectations of you as either a child, a sibling or as a parent. Your friends, colleagues, institutions, schoolmates, residential neighbours, and the government all have expectations of you.


  • Divine Expectations

These are expectations God has of you. God has expectations of every one person existing on the surface of this earth. Basically, He expects everyone to accept the gift of life He alone has offered and walk in the newness of life in Christ. All that the word of God contained in the Bible teaches us about our walk of faith can also be termed as God’s divine expectations for us as His Children.


It is important to note that though everyone’s personal expectation is self-inspired they are always a product of either societal expectations or divine expectations. There is rarely any personal expectation you have that can be completely disassociated from the other two. Yes, you desired to obtain that degree but there is every possibility that you were inspired by the expectations of your parents in that regard. You also desire to win souls everywhere you find yourself this can also be associated with God’s expectation of you as a Christian.


In conclusion, I encourage everyone to pay attention to the most important expectations we are faced with in life which is the ‘Divine expectations’ because in this light failure in any endeavor is the inability to meet up predefined expectations. We must learn to subject both our personal expectations and societal expectations directed towards us to God’s divine expectation. If you do this effectively you will get rid of unnecessary anxiety and pressures that life seeks to mount on you. Every living soul should know that it is a light matter to fail themselves and the society compared to failing God. I encourage you to go for knowledge because failure begins from ignorance. This is the reason we preach to bring the knowledge of God to those who are not aware. The consequence of succeeding or failing with God is eternal. This is the reason it cannot be treated as an option.


True success is that success whose benefits last beyond your days on earth. This is what we live for and we must forever stay conscious of all the good, acceptable and perfect will of God for our lives because success is achieved by the awareness and subsequent consciousness of predefined expectations which influences corresponding actions.


Share this message with others. God bless you!


© Godjay

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