The Beauty of the Word of Knowledge

I will never cease to be amazed by the Word of knowledge. It is one of my favourite gifts of the Spirit, simply because of its deep expression of the personal love that the Lord has for each of us individually.

The Word of Knowledge locates someone at their point of need, often in matters that no one knows but them. Suddenly, someone who may be a stranger to them, has divine insight into what they are going through, whether it be in their health, their life circumstances or maybe even in their thought life. This insight achieves several things. Firstly, it demonstrates the presence of God in that place, unveiling information that only He could know. Secondly, it shows His personal love for them to pick them out of a crowd and address their individual need. Furthermore, it releases the power required for the change to take place.

I've experienced the Word of knowledge many times working alongside the gift of healing and this is truly beautiful. However, the occurrences that touch my heart in the deepest of ways are those when I'm having a conversation with someone, sharing the message of the Gospel. Many times, the person's mind is full of questions, doubts and sometimes arguments but time after time, I see the Holy Spirit intervene in such a beautiful way. Suddenly, my eyes are open to see the person's heart, they become transparent before me, I begin to share with them what I see and the more I share, the more I see. The Lord has revealed the most intimate details, dynamics of their relationships, personal insecurities, what brings them joy, what makes them cry, their fears, their dreams, so many things that only He could know. What is so beautiful, is at that moment when I begin to speak, the barriers in their heart are broken down, because at that moment there is a realisation that it is no longer a person talking to them, but indeed this is the voice of God almighty. This realisation is so powerful because it adds authenticity to the rest of my message, it targets the heart and hits in the deepest part. Oftentimes, what follows is a surrender of  doubt, a softening of their heart, an acceptance of the love of God and for the unsaved, their salvation.

I've seen many receive salvation as a product of the Word of knowledge. In fact,my personal salvation came through a Word of knowledge.

I remember when I first saw the Word of knowledge in operation through the life of others and it absolutely amazed me (It still does) it touched me deeply and I had an earnest desire to experience it for myself.

My first experience, was when I was preparing for a cell meeting and the Lord told me that there would be someone with pain in their left leg, indeed this was the case and someone who had had pain as a product of an accident five years ago was instantly healed, glory to God! After that I began to see it happen every now and then as the Spirit willed and before I realised it, it had become a ministry which flowed freely anytime I was sharing the Gospel, now by simply paying attention to the Holy Ghost,  I can receive a Word of knowledge. Which is so beautiful but as I said it began with an earnest desire.

My most recent testimony of this was yesterday, a lady had come to church and said that she was not a Christian but wanted to know more about God, before long a string of specific Words of knowledge dropped into my Spirit, as I spoke them forth, she began to cry, I then shared the message of the Gospel again, she got born again, filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in other tongues, glory to God!

If you are reading this and you desire this Spiritual gift, one thing that the Lord impressed in my heart as I wrote this piece is that there would be anImpartation to the reader, so where you are now, receive that Impartation. Be conscious that indeed you have received.

As you receive a Word of knowledge, share it, don't doubt - release it, the more you share what you receive, the more you will receive. Faithfully deliver that which is given to you and more will be given.

There is surely more to share about this wonderful Spiritual gift and it's manifestation but i'll leave it here for now.

Speak soon.

 God bless you.

 I love you.

Please do share if this has blessed you and drop a comment or send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. With any testimonies.

Thanks for reading

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