Drunk in Love

 Hey guys, 
Thanks for stopping by, so I guess with the title of this blog, you may have certain expectations, maybe a cautionary tale or a story about me being drunk in love with someone, well it might not quite be along those lines, (though that said, there are a few things that the Lord has asked me to share in that direction, so watch out for my next post " Love and Relationships, lessons learned along the way" )

This post however, will get a bit personal and share with you something the Lord showed me during a "Drunken moment" this post doesn't so much focus on being drunk in love with an individual but rather... anyone and everyone... I'll explain by sharing with you an experience I had yesterday...

I was walking down the road and I started speaking in other tongues, this joy welled up in my spirit and before long I was laughing in the Holy Ghost and there were surges of the anointing were running through my body, all of this was accompanied by a love that was burning in my heart, not directed to a specific person, but to everyone. 

This is not something uncommon to me, at seemingly random times, this profound love burns in my heart in this overwhelming way, in such times I just want the whole world to know I love them. So as I was having this experience, I was contemplating this amazing thing that was happening and why it happens and the Lord spoke to me and said  "To be filled with the Spirit is to be filled with love, to be drunk in the Spirit is to be drunk in love" 

I was wowed and in that moment I understood so much more about the love of God and the Holy Ghost. When you're full of the Holy Ghost there should be an overflow of love to your world, uncontainable, indescribable, overflowing love, there should be a manifestation of God's love to your world and God's love in your heart. The product of you being full of the Holy Ghost is not just an awesome encounter with the Lord, but an overflow in your Spirit that should spill out and touch all those around you with the liquid love of God. You are filled so that you will overflow and cover your surroundings.


 The Holy Ghost will produce in you a deep sense of compassion and feeling for the infirmities of the people, you will feel what they feel, you will desire a change for them as much or even more so than you would desire a change for yourself. 

One thing that I have deeply experienced in my Christian life is the profound compassion that the Lord puts in my heart. When I encountered Jesus, I was heartbroken and full of pain but he healed my heart and gave me indescribable joy, however though my pain was taken away, I regularly feel heartbroken and pain not for myself but for others, though the beautiful end of this is that this feeling, this compassion, this love comes and propels me to act, it drives me to share the Gospel, it drives me to lay my hands and minister healing, it drives me to pray, - it dominates my life. You see what's wonderful is that no matter how much it hurts to see someone suffer or live below God's plan for their life, it is nothing in comparison to the joy that I experience when I see a change taking place in the name of the Lord Jesus - Nothing compares to it. 


 When you're full of the Spirit there's no room for unforgiveness, bitterness or malice, because in you there's a burning desire to love, love and love some more, it's a love that you can't keep to yourself, a love that you must express because it feels like it will burst out of your chest if you don't. it's an indiscriminate love, a love that extends to everyone. One of the first beautiful things the Lord did in my life was put in me the ability to forgive and let go of the hurt and the pain of the past. The day that I got born again he said to me "You can forgive and forget" and in that moment, the physical burden of unforgiveness and painful memories was lifted off of my shoulders, what replaced the pain was this deep and profound love, at the time there were specific people who I was struggling to forgive, who had hurt me deeply, but in that moment - all I wanted to do was find those people and tell them how much I love them. In that moment, every past hurt, every tear, every betrayal, every violation of trust was completely gone. Today I can honestly say that there is no one in this world that I cannot look in the eye and genuinely say "I love you" - and that is the power of the love of God.

Final thoughts

I'm full of love because I'm full of the Holy Ghost, and when I'm drunk in the Holy Ghost, I'm drunk in love, not with an individual but with the whole world and every one that comes into contact with me. 

Everything that the Holy Ghost does is a product of love and if we want to make true impact and touch lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ we must be driven and motivated by nothing but love for Gods people and a deep and unrelenting compassion for the lost. 

I'm drunk in love with YOU! <3

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