Oh yes! I trust you have had someone somewhere ask you ‘what is your business sef?' (In Nigerian English) lol.

Well, I don’t believe that question is offensive. I rather consider it a food for thought. The answer to this question should be your consciousness and cogitations daily as much as you eat and can think. God is a business man and he sent his son Jesus Christ as the CEO of his business enterprise on earth. 

You know, my Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said to me one day, Yes ME! ‘Soul Winning is God’s No. 1 job (business).’ God sent his Son Jesus not to be a lawyer or a doctor but to do Business… lol… Business of Soul Winning. Thus, every Christian is a business man because the Seed of business is in him. That Seed is the Word (the gospel) so in every Christian lies potentials of this great business of soul winning. No wonder Jesus said before he left, 'Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations...' I think he meant we should go solve their problems. Isn’t that awesome?

Business is not just about finding something to sell, Business is about solving a problem. Business is the result of seeing the world differently than others see. 

The Christian was born to solve the problem of sin and establish righteousness among men. The Christian sees the world differently because Jesus bought the whole field (the world) with his blood. The Christian is the solution to the problem of the world. 

The apostle Paul said ‘…but where sin abounded, grace did abound more exceedingly.’ (Rom 5:20) Thus, where the problem of sin abounds, there you find many opportunities for the business of soul winning. Look at that aion (sphere of contact) where sinners abound and do our business. 

So, the next time someone asks you ‘what is your business sef?’ You say “SOUL WINNING”.

However, there are two very important keys in every successful business…VISION AND INNOVATION. Want to know how these two apply in your business of soul winning? Watch out for my next crib on ‘WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS?’


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