There would be voices to tell you CONTRARY

You’d be faced with situations beyond the TEMPORARY

You may be pressured above your MEASURE

Living the real NATURE may not be the real STRUCTURE.


But refuse to give up on your godly POSITION

Live the Christ life; extend His DISPENSATION

Refuse to stagger in the midst of staggering OPPOSITIONS

Stand Firm oh Soldier; you’re here to conquer the NATIONS.


Though in the world you will suffer TRIBULATION

Be of good cheer, you won before the war came into ACTION

Stay your mind on Christ; it is the secret for lasting SUCCESS

Worry for nothing: in Him, all things are yours in EXCESS


So when those thoughts come like scenes from the PLAYS

And the trails seem like they’d linger on for many DAYS

Let the words of Jesus be stronger than any contrary PICTURE

It’s your fight of faith to win; so be bold to say ‘NO’ to the FEAR OF FAILURE


‘Amaka Racheal Mordi(ARM)

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