Question: Jenny (USA) – Dear Pastor, Luke 9:23 states, “And he said to all, “if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me”. How can I apply this in my daily life?
Answer: This is talking about submitting to God because we are not going to die again like Jesus did. You apply this by submitting yourself to God through His Word. To deny yourself doesn’t mean there’s something you wouldn’t do, it’s to submit yourself to the Word. It means to drop your interest and pick up the Lord’s interest. To give up your interest for the Lord’s interest; that’s what it means to deny yourself. It says, you pick up your cross; what do you do on a cross? You die in it, which means it’s not saying you should go and hang on cross; it’s symbolic. It means that you’ve given up yourself to the Lord and whatever He tells you to do is what you are going to do. You find joy in serving Him. A lot of people think that God exists for their benefits. They think “Oh! That’s what He’s there for! He’s there to protect me, He’s there to take care of me”, as though He lives for you! No! That’s wrong. You live for God and until you discover that, you not even living; you’re living an animal life. You come to the real life when you discover He made you for a purpose and He knows that purpose and wants you to line up with His purpose for your life. He doesn’t exist for you; He’s God. You exist for Him. That’s an amazing reality! The day you find that out is the day you really begin to live.

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